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A Band On Hope – A Band On Hope Read More

A Band On Hope – A Band On Hope

There is a point on “A Band On Hope”, the new album by front man Ill Literate and multi-instrumentalist producer Kristian Sharpe, that caused this writer to pause the music, take off the headphones, take a step back and think. This point occurs toward the end of the eighth track, “Russian Dolls” and it was […]

Watsky – x Infinity Read More

Watsky – x Infinity

Music and poetry have always been intertwined. From the likes of Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen putting such focus into their lyrics that they have even admitted they just put poetry to music, to Seamus Heaney publically praising Eminem. However, rarely has the link been as strong as it is in George Watsky, the American […]

Vince Staples – Prima Donna E.P Read More

Vince Staples – Prima Donna E.P

Vince Staples is a complex artist. His last two releases gave us a clear representation of his gang affiliation as a teenager and some of the harsh realities he had to live through. On Prima Donna, he does not dwell on the same subject matter as before. As the E.P title might suggest, a lot […]

Frank Ocean – Blonde Read More

Frank Ocean – Blonde

The wait for this Frank Ocean album was excruciating for many. He’s not exactly the type of artist to enjoy the spotlight, understandably, and for all we could have known at the time, he might not have been going to release anything. A week before the release of ‘Blonde’, he debuted his visual album ‘Endless’. […]

Roman XCV – Beyblade Flows E.P Read More

Roman XCV – Beyblade Flows E.P

Growing up in the late early 2000’s the children’s TV market was being taken over by Japanese animation, with four of the biggest shows of the time coming from the Asian market. These four shows were Pokémon (the definite winner, a lot to do with the easy conversion into video games), Digimon, Yu-Gi-Oh and Beyblades. […]

Cee Major – 10,000 Hours Read More

Cee Major – 10,000 Hours

London is alive. Not since the days of Dizzee Rascal has there been this level of interest in the music coming out of the British urban underground. 2016 saw releases from Stormzy, Skepta, Giggs and Section Boyz and is quickly turning into the year of the Brits. One rapper trying to take advantage of this […]

S.G. Guillotine – Bars Read More

S.G. Guillotine – Bars

S.G. Guillotine has slowly but surely been creeping his way up the ladder of South-east hip-hop in Ireland. The Kilkenny based rapper has spent the last 4 years releasing music online as part of the rap collective, Craic Appeal, which has in turn broadened his appeal. Shortly before taking to the stage in support of […]

Mathman x Hypnotic Brass Ensemble – Hyp Hop Read More

Mathman x Hypnotic Brass Ensemble – Hyp Hop

This collaborative project between Irish music producer Mathman and the best brass band to come out of the United States, Hypnotic Brass Ensemble spans a lot further than just across the Atlantic. It takes the listener on a journey through the different sounds of hip hop music with masterfully crafted beats and rhymes that evoke […]

Giggs – Landlord Read More

Giggs – Landlord

Giggs was one of the U.K’s first artists to bring gangster rap and road life to prominence through music. He has occupied a strange space in that scene recently, with many of his shows having to be announced secretly through social media to avoid being shut down by the police. His name most definitely rings […]

Same D4ence- Exclamations Marks! Read More

Same D4ence- Exclamations Marks!

When you think of “Hip-Hop” certain places in the world come to mind. Compton, California, Toronto, Chicago and London are a few of the most obvious ones. No matter what way you spin it or what way you try to calculate it, America dominate it and then most European cities fill the gap. Limerick was […]

Chillman – Abstract Patterns Read More

Chillman – Abstract Patterns

Abstract Patterns is the fascinating debut album from U.K. MC, Chillman. It provides an exciting view into the mind of one of the most promising MC’s in England. His lyricism combined with the production by Verb T makes this an album that slowly pulls you closer before spilling out it’s secrets. Chillman has released a number […]

Schoolboy Q – Blank Face Read More

Schoolboy Q – Blank Face

On first listen, it’s clear that Blank Face might not be exactly what everyone wanted from TDE’s second in command. The opening guitar riff, (yes you read that right) immediately differentiates this project from his last release Oxymoron, a dark and foreboding album that brought his career to new heights. While the subject matter and […]