Dirty Dike – Sucking on Prawns in The Moonlight

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A main staple of U.K hip hop label High Focus, rapper/producer Dirty Dike displays a different and unique soundscape on Sucking On Prawns In The Moonlight. The album is as entertaining as it is consistently captivating. Each track elevates the project to near flawless levels. It encompasses many different sources of inspiration to create a quintessential hip hop album.

His witty, endless wordplay and clever storytelleing is the focus of much of the lyrical content. Whether he’s having drinks with your dad, who is “fingering a slag”, or describing the harrowing life of a skitzophrenic victim of abuse on ‘Mallory & Joesphine’, the imagery is vividly portrayed. ‘Crystal Cindy’, takes a brutally honest look at one drug addict’s life. Dike provides the listener with striking scenes of desperation that stay with you after only one listen.

The production, which at times remind the listener of the classic New York underground sound, is refreshingly assembled. An eerie tone is set for much of the album, which suits much of imagery. Tracks like ‘I Ain’t Got A Clue’ and ‘Paper Tigers’ provide perfect soundtracks to vivid tales of debauchery. However, it’s not all dark. The lighthearted ‘Me & You’ stands out from the pack when Dike and Jam Baxter spit over the cheerful beat.

I may have been a little late reviewing this album (it was released in September 2015), but Sucking On Prawns In The Moonlight is essential listening for any hip hop fan. Whether your already immersed in the UK scene and all the different facets it has to offer or not, Dirty Dike has made an album that has worldwide appeal. Immersive production and creative lyrics make it a project well worth revisiting or discovering for the first time.


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