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Gigs, Gigs, Gigs Read More

Gigs, Gigs, Gigs

Gig news is hard to keep up with in Dublin, especially when it comes to hip hop, but we’ve got things covered in this list that will be updated as more is announced. Lingo Festival (Sage Francis) the Workman’s Club October 22nd Lil Dicky at the Academy Green Room October 31st – sold out Metropolis […]

This Week’s Top Five 09/05/2016 Read More

This Week’s Top Five 09/05/2016

Simi Crowns – Ones To Watch The Lagos-born and Dublin-based emcee, Simi Crowns is back with some new material. This track amply gets the wheels in motion for what is sure to be an excellent debut album due for release sometime this year. Stormzy – Scary Stormzy unleashes another track in anticipation of his debut […]

This Week’s Top Five 26/04/2016 Read More

This Week’s Top Five 26/04/2016

Scroobius Pip – No Whimpers It’s been a while since we’ve had any new music from Scroobius Pip, but we have been enjoying his Distraction Pieces podcast in the meantime. This track reminds us all of Pip’s greatness, having gone from conception to completion in just 7 days, video and all. DJ Shadow featuring Run […]

A Response To A Response Read More

A Response To A Response

Earlier this week an article was posted on Pitchfork, arguably one of the most highly regarded music websites, about the African residents living in Ireland making hip hop music. While I was initially annoyed at the headline that read “From The Outside In: A Look At The Irish Immigrants Legitimising Ireland’s Hip Hop Scene”. A […]

This Week’s Top Five 19/02/16 Read More

This Week’s Top Five 19/02/16

You know the deal by this stage, here’s my top pick’s of the week: Rusangano Family – Heathrow With details about their upcoming album, Let The Dead Bury The Dead flooding out this week, the hype is building aptly for the trio. April 8th is the release date and chances are, they are coming to […]

This Week’s Top Five 05/02/16 Read More

This Week’s Top Five 05/02/16

Here we go with another of this week’s top five tracks, and remember they are not always going to be new songs. Let us know which of the five is your favorite on Twitter – @WhatUrGoinToSee Saul Williams – Horn Of The Clock-Bike Rapper, poet and actor are just 3 of the many titles that […]

This Week’s Top Five 30/01/16 Read More

This Week’s Top Five 30/01/16

This is a new feature that I’ll be doing more regularly that’ll include my top 5 songs of the week. I’ll try to keep it as new as possible but there’s no denying a few old tracks will make their way in there at some stage. So if you’re ever stuck for something to listen to […]

Dah Jevu : Interview Read More

Dah Jevu : Interview

Dah Jevu are a relatively new act based in Dublin. The two emcees, Bobby Basil and Tafari Pesto provide an insight into the abstract and alternative side of Irish hip hop. They’re debut video, ‘Hawks of Nepthys’ has already racked up almost 15,000 views on YouTube. The intriguing, gritty video was edited and shot by Hugh Mulhern. […]

Podcasts : Best of Read More

Podcasts : Best of

Podcasting is slowly becoming one of the biggest forms of new media available at the moment. It has all the benefits of radio, with less language and time restrictions. It gives the presenter a chance to talk to their guest on a face to face level, while not having to worry about plugging their most […]

Street Ceol TV Read More

Street Ceol TV

Street Ceol TV is an Irish music channel on YouTube that does a great job in showcasing the talent of many artists. Not tied down to one genre, they promote good music regardless of sound or image. They wish to work with independent musicians and give them the opportunity to record and produce new music, […]

Top 5: Run The Jewels Read More

Top 5: Run The Jewels

Killer Mike and El-P will make their way to Ireland for their sold out gig in Opium Rooms, Dublin on December 21st, with support from God Knows & mynameisjOhn. In anticipation of the gig, I’ve compiled a list of my favourite Run The Jewels tracks. Let us know if you think we left anything out in […]

Time is Illmatic Read More

Time is Illmatic

Time is Illmatic provides not just an in depth look into Nas’ early life, but also the crippling social conditions in Queensbridge that would heavily influence the creation of his debut album Illmatic. It offers an insightful glimpse into the perspective from which the album was written. Being raised in the hostile and sometimes fatal […]