Street Ceol TV

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Street Ceol TV is an Irish music channel on YouTube that does a great job in showcasing the talent of many artists. Not tied down to one genre, they promote good music regardless of sound or image. They wish to work with independent musicians and give them the opportunity to record and produce new music, as well as promote gigs, music etc. There really is something for everyone on their YouTube channel (link below) with live recordings of local rock, acoustic, hip hop acts and many more. Check out their video of Jesse Heffernan’s track, ‘Juniprsmoke’ now:

They are currently expanding their brand and launching a website at the beginning of February. They will have all their current videos posted on it and will also provide links if you wish to hear more from an artist or to contact them. It is a great service they are providing that is sure to help the music scene in Ireland to expand. In the meantime check out their YouTube page and follow them on Twitter and Facebook to help support independent music.




– Ross Logan