Jeru the Damaja : Interview

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Jeru the Damaja most definitely left an impression on the Sugar Club last year with a passionate set that showcased his immense talent and undeniable charisma. He’s coming back again, this time for St. Patrick’s Day, and he’s bringing his Gang Star Foundation members, Afu Ra and Big Shug with him. This is one of the most exciting hip hop gigs announced for 2016 so far and if his last gig is anything to by this gig is not to be missed. Find a link for tickets below.
We managed to get the chance to ask Jeru a few questions about music, touring and more:

What is the most important element of a good hip hop show in your opinion?

“For me, the best part is the audience because without a good crowd. No matter what I do, if the crowd is not responsive the show could be good but not awesome.”

Do you prefer playing the classics or the newer material?

“I just love to rock!! No matter what the songs are.”

Are you excited to be playing shows with the Gang Starr Foundation again?

“I’m always excited to rock. I actually did Hip Hop Kemp with Big Shug and Lil Dap this summer.”

What is the best show you’ve ever played?

“Every time I get on stage it’s the best show!”

And what was the worst?

“Thank god I haven’t had that yet.”

Who is your favourite producer to work with?

“I never really thought of that.”

You play in Dublin quite regularly. Do you have any memories from performing in Ireland?

“Every time I play in Dublin its great. One of my fondest memories is playing at the Dublin Castle with Beck.”

Do you get bigger reactions from the crowds overseas or in your home town?

“I get the same reaction no matter where. Jeru the Damaja fans are one big family”

What’s your favourite song to perform?

“Whatever your favorite song is! So let me know and I just may drop it!!”

Buy tickets to the show at the Sugar Club on March 17th:

Follow Jeru on Twitter @jeruthedamaja and Instargram @JERU_THEDAMAJA