Pete Rock & CL Smooth, the Sugar Club

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Pete Rock and CL Smooth are probably one of the best representatives of hip hop’s golden age. They experienced massive success but were never were ones to glorify violence, as was quite popular at the time. They instead choose to let the music itself do the talking. Their previous creative differences have been left in the past and a completely sold out Sugar Club shows that the people are thankful to have one the most acclaimed duos of the 1990s back on the road.

Since they have not performed much together in past 20 years before this current tour, you would think that the show would be rusty or slack in parts. It is actually a case of quite the opposite. The lengthy hiatus taken by Pete Rock and CL Smooth only strengthened their live show. CL is hungry on the mic, never struggling to be heard or having to try to hard to get some energy from the audience. He has maintained the clarity in his voice that allows him to flow smoothly over tracks with his signature laid back tone.

With no new material to go off it’s just classic after classic track dropped. Pete Rock blends old soul records into the beats we know from their classic albums with a crisp accuracy. He is hailed as one the best hip hop producers of all time but of course doesn’t shy in letting his DJing abilities control the pace of the show. He’s no stranger to the mic either and hops on and off accordingly.

There’s no over the top sense of camaraderie between the two but that’s understandable. Passion, respect and love is shown and that’s all we need to see and hear. Some acts could even take a page out of their book by taking a break in hopes of tightening up set’s that have grown stale. We all knew going in that this would be a special show and thanks to the overwhelming levels of talent on display, it expectedly delivered in every way imaginable.